Top Wine Pairings for Authentic Italian Cuisine

wine pairings for authentic italian cuisine

For centuries, Italy has been a hub for wine production. All (from Chianti to sauvignon blanc) are known for their complex fusions, rich essence, and ability to pair well with food. 

Italian cuisine is well-known for tantalizing flavors and mouth-watering aromas! From boldness to delicacy, Italian food has so many varieties of delightful dishes to offer you. Next time, you are out for dine-in, give a try to wine and Italian food pairing. These two perfectly complement each other and enhance the taste.

Indulge in the delightful combination of flavors that arise from the perfect pairing of wine and Italian cuisine, leaving you with a beaming smile and a deep sense of satisfaction as you bid adieu to the restaurant.

Different Wines and Food Pairings


“ A Balanced taste can be the key to finding the perfect match”

When looking for the best wine and Italian food pairing, consider both the food’s richness and texture. For example, a sweet and savory dish can make your wines taste more stronger and intense whereas salty and sour food will milder the wine taste.

1. Top Red Wines With Italian Food


Chianti is a region of Italy that produces red wine using Sangiovese grapes. It is located in Tuscany and its wine is popular due to its earthy and fruity flavors; high in tannins. Therefore, simply any wine that is produced in this region is called chianti.

This red wine taste superbly great with any red ( tomato ) sauce such as arrabbiata, marinara, etc. The reason behind this combination is the similarity between the acidity of both wine and tomato-based sauces.


It is a heavy red wine produced in northern Italy (Piedmont region) by using the Nebbiolo grape. Barolo is considered one of the best red wines in Italy. It is popular for its intense red colors, tannins, and acidic taste. Steak tartare, fillet streak, different cheeses, and flavorsome risotto are some foods that go well with Barolo.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This bold red wine is produced by using Cabernet grapes. These grapes can withstand both low and high temperatures therefore grown in many of the world’s regions. Cabernet Sauvignon wine can be paired easily with food such as beef, cheese, juicy burgers, etc.

2. Top White Wines With Italian Food


One of the most popular white wines that is usually paired with Italian cuisine. The production of these chardonnay grapes is across the world as adaptable to different temperatures, climates, and soil conditions. The grape taste usually varies depending on the climate of the region such as warm temperatures resulting in a soft acidity level and vice-versa. Cream-based sauces such as soup, pasta, or meat dishes go greatly with Chardonnay white wine.

Pinot Grigio

This white wine is often referred to as Pinot ‘Gris’ because of the greyish color of the grapes. The taste of wine is light and refreshing with subtle hints of apple, melon, etc; great as a starter. This Pinot Grigio wine usually goes with light food such as risottos, scallops, or salad because of its refreshing and light taste.

Sauvignon Blanc

Believed to be originated from France,( Loire Valley and Bordeaux region). The taste of the wine is light, and crisp due to the green & herbaceous flavors. The main course of Italian dishes such as cilantro, and basil serve great with Sauvignon Blanc white wine. In short, you can say worthy enough to complement one of your main courses of Italian food.

3. Top Sparkling Wines With Italian Food


Glera grapes in the region of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia are the key ingredients of this sparkling wine. Its crisp, fruity flavor wine pairs well with antipasti, seafood, and light pasta dishes.


This sparkling wine is produced in the region of Lombardy, Italy using Chardonnay especially whereas sometimes Pinot Blanc is also allowed. The richer dishes and creamy sauces suit well with this wine due to its complex flavor profile.

Italian cuisine’s complex flavors, distinctive ingredients, and geographical variation provide countless opportunities for great wine pairings that can improve the flavor and enjoyment of your dinner. So, the next time you enjoy real Italian food, don’t forget to learn about wine pairings. Remember, each individual taste is unique, so be sure to choose the wine and italian pizza and pasta that complements your own preferences.

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